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Partners with The Power CoachTM





I want to personally thank you for your connection with the ministry, and express my appreciation for your interest in joining Partners with The Power Coach™, a monthly partnership program whereby you can collaborate and co-labor with me to change lives around the world!

My commitment to you is to deliver the very best in a monthly motivational and educational Power Coaching™ program via POWER COACH AUDIO, and additional, exclusive Partner benefits to recognize and reward your faithful support!


What You Will Receive


With your monthly Partner Pledge of $20, you will receive the following benefits:



       An exclusive, monthly POWER COACH AUDIO CD (60 min) with Action Guide
(Partner CDs ship the first week of each month.)

      A 20% Partner Discount on your monthly POWER COACH AUDIO resources,



     Free Shipping on your monthly POWER COACH AUDIO resources



      Eligibility to earn exclusive and generous Partner Rewards on all purchases and referrals!



      Partner Updates on specific ministry initiatives and outreach programs.





After three consecutive months of active partnership, you will also receive:


     Your Partnership Certificate



     Discounts on Power Coach Event Registration



     Reserved Seating at upcoming Power Coach events.



     Eligibility to earn and redeem generous Partner Rewardson purchases and referrals!




The first 300 Partners who complete three consecutive months of active partnership will be deemed Founding Partners, and will also receive:



     Designation as a Lifetime Founding Partner with The Power Coach



     Founding Partner Certificate



     Individual listing of your name and company or ministry in my upcoming books in the Power Coach Financial Series. Current Founding Partners are recognized in  “Your 90 Day Financial Breakthrough"!



     Reserved seating for Founding Partners at Power Coach events



     Exclusive Founding Partner Registration Rates for Power Coach events and conferences.


What Your Pledge Will Do for Others



We are establishing transformational educational programs for all age groups in K-12 schools, colleges and universities, churches, and corporations worldwide. 


We are expanding our financial empowerment and entrepreneurship programs to bring spiritual and financial liberation from debt, poverty, and lack, to all Americans, especially to the 132 million Americans who have no savings. One financial challenge would land them below the poverty line in three months or less.  


We are equipping and empowering those who are in the fight of their lives to achieve lasting breakthrough, but lack the necessary transformational positive mental conditioning, skill set training, and practical tools to do so:  the unemployed and disenfranchised, the working poor, war veterans, residents in drug and alcohol treatment, students in alternative education, youth in juvenile detention, and the 1.6 million inmates in state and federal prisons.  More people are in prisons in the United States than in all other developed countries combined.

With God’s help and united together with YOU it will be done!


I am excited to extend a special invitation to you to join the Partners with The Power Coach™.  Through this partnership, we will be able to build the infrastructure, educational programs, and outreach initiatives needed to accomplish all of the above and more. 


This will be an exciting journey as we expand the message and ministry, take new territory, and transform lives!  To join me and become a Partner with The Power Coach™, you have two easy options.  Pick the option that is best for you!


Option 1. Become a New Partner by completing your first Partner Pledge of $20.

You will be eligible to become a lifetime Founding Partner within two months! 


 - OR -

Option 2.  Become a Lifetime Founding Partner immediately today with your three month Partner Pledge of $60.  You will receive your first three Partner CDs and immediate access to all of your benefits!





Partners with The Power Coach™

  Yes!  I am ready to join forces to transform lives worldwide! 

My First Month Partner Pledge ~ $20 

"From Sabotage to Success -
Harness the Power of Habits to Transform Your Life"
will ship to you in 48 hours. 
Your MP3 download will be delivered in 24 hours.






Lifetime Founding Partner with The Power Coach™

  Yes!  I am ready to join forces to transform lives worldwide   
as a Lifetime Founding Partner! 

My First Three Months Partner Pledge ~ $60 

Your first three Power Coach Audio CDs will ship to you in 48 hours. 

From Sabotage to Success -
Harness the Power of Habits to Transform Your Life"


The Truth About Barriers -
Unlocking the Five Big Secrets of Lasting Breakthrough


Healthy Frustration and Your This Is It Moment -
Harnessing the Power of Now"

will ship to you in 48 hours. 

Your MP3 downloads will be delivered in 24 hours.



I appreciate your thoughtful, prayerful consideration to join Partners with The Power Coach™.  I believe this is the beginning of something phenomenal.  We will look back and marvel at what the Lord has done!  I know that together we can change lives at home and around the world! 


Live the Extraordinary!

The Power Coach™ Madeline Alexander
Break Through Barriers.  Achieve Power Results…Fast!