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Corporate and Association Programs  

"WOW!  What a human dynamo...there are few people I have met that can energize a whole room just by walking in!  Madeline's "How To Create Your Power Mindset for Success" is a message every American needs to hear.  Jumpstart your next meeting with America's Power Coach Madeline Alexander!"


"Famous Dave" Anderson, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Famous Dave's of America, Inc.


The Power CoachTM Madeline Alexander effortlessly combines the best of corporate strategies with dynamic, entrepreneurial action and her own personal, hands-on leadership experiences to deliver proven techniques and practical, actionable strategies that work!
She easily connects with everyone from Entrepreneurs to Senior Executives to Entry-level Employees to give them a meaningful, challenging, and inspiring learning experience that hits home right where they are.
She "gets it," and your team will immediately recognize this isn't a motivational talk from a "leadership speaker" short on real world experience.  This is an encounter with a TRUE LEADER
 Her explosive, high energy style packs the WOW! your audience wants, while delivering the value your organization can measure.

Madeline's no-nonsense, truth-telling style, contagious passion and energy, personal transparency, and laser-focused Power Coaching™ techniques will help your organization cut to the core of real issues in the shortest possible time.


"Give me 90 minutes with your team, and I will have them achieving breakthrough results!
Focused.  Energized.  Empowered.  Determined."


~ The Power CoachTM Madeline Alexander



Madeline has spoken to thousands of people in a wide variety of settings including:
- Large corporations

- Small and medium businesses

- Government and military installations

- Professional organizations

- Non-profit organizations.
Her direct approach, sense of humor, and genuine love for people allow her to connect and engage with men and women of all ages, ethnicities, and career stages.  Madeline takes a personal interest in her audience and her sincerity is immediately obvious and captivating.  She consistently receives excellent speaker ratings and return invitations. 


Madeline has designed and delivered over 300 different training workshops and coaching programs on a wide variety of topics, including leadership, communications, customer and partner experience, performance improvement, team building, employee retention, and organizational health.  Her professional experience as a certified instructional designer and corporate trainer for the Boeing Company and for Microsoft Corporation gives her the ability to rapidly assess and understand your organization's needs, help you define the model situation you are striving for, define an action plan, and customize a program appropriate for your team.  Madeline is well equipped to speak on a broad variety of topics, and can apply the principles of inspirational leadership to a wide range of settings and themes.  She is known for bringing out the best in others, and enabling teams to work effectively together. 



Partial Client List







Corporate Programs


The following topics are available as standard programs.  Custom programs and topics are also available! 


- Breaking Barriers to Workplace Excellence


- Overcoming Organizational Barriers to Peak Performance


- Inspirational Leadership I ... Unleashing Outrageous Employee Loyalty


- Inspirational Leadership II ... M Power-ing Your Peak Performers


- Inspirational Leadership III....Transformational Leadership


- Conquering Communications!


- Dealing with the Downside of Downsizing


- Creating Lasting Loyalty in Customer & Partner Relationships


- Customer Service that Sizzles!


- Moving Beyond Diversity Program Quips, Quotas and Casualties


- It's Really NOT About Work/Life Balance After All


- What Your Employees NEED to Tell You...But They Can't...And WHY





Entrepreneurship Programs


- The Urgency of Entrepreneurship...Transforming Our Economy One Business at a Time


- You are the Answer: Be the Hero


- Overcoming Organizational Barriers to Peak Performance


- Inspirational Leadership ...Value-based Servant Leadership


- Conquering Communications!


- Creating Lasting Loyalty in Customer & Partner Relationships


- Customer Service that Sizzles!


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