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Programs for Churches and Faith-based Organizations

Four Reasons Pastors and Church Leaders LOVE to Invite
The Power Coach™


1. A Life-Changing Message & Breakthrough Anointing

 An anointed minister of the gospel, Madeline will deliver a powerful, inspiring, life-changing message for your church service or faith-based conference.  America's leading authority on lasting breakthrough experiences, Madeline is a pioneering voice with fresh revelation in the areas of lasting spiritual breakthrough, releasing the power of God in your life, and living a life full of faith and power. 


2. Riveting, Relevant, and Real

Madeline’s mastery of the human mindset and spiritual warfare are unparalleled. Combining comedic humor, riveting stories, powerful teaching, and sisterly “real talk,” she breaks down barriers and edifies audiences with surgical precision.


3. Experienced Leader with a Unique Perspective

Prior to entering ministry, Madeline built a successful leadership and management career in Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Boeing, and Baxter International. Madeline is a successful entrepreneur and leadership consultant.

4. Top-selling Author
Madeline is the author of the top-selling books, "Your 90-Day Financial Breakthrough - 90 Power Promises and the Weapons of Our Warfare to WIN in Your Finances Now," “How to Break Through Barriers and Achieve Power Results; Create Your Power Mindset for Success in 30 Days or Less” and “Power Mindset II – CHOOSE TO BE A CHAMPION.”







Madeline is a spirit-filled minister of the gospel.  She ministers in multicultural and multi-denominational settings nationwide, imparting a powerful word of strength and deliverance to Christians of all ages and levels of faith. Her service messages will include worship, the ministry of the word, personal prayer, and prophetic impartation.  







Partial Client List


Madeline brings new insights from the Scriptures, practical applications, and memorable action steps that will leave your congregation strong, courageous, and mission-minded!   






Keynotes and training seminars are available for:


- Sunday and Mid-Week Worship Services

- Women's Conferences and Retreats

- Leadership Summits and Conferences

- Volunteer Training and Appreciation Events

- Marketplace Ministry for Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

- Men's Conferences

- Youth/Young Adult Services and Conferences. 





Sample Keynote Topics 

For weekend services, conferences or events.  Custom topics will also be prepared for you! Please provide the theme of your event.  Madeline will prayerfully consult the Lord and deliver a prophetically-inspired message specific to your congregation and event.



Releasing the Power of God Within You
Our Heavenly Father has equipped us with self-control, free will, and His amazing power and might, but we must know how to release His power to experience God’s best in our lives.  You are a complex creation and an engineering marvel, but if you do not understand how to manage and control all of the components of your amazing human make-up, you will never fully reach your potential!  This message is a game-changer for your congregation….you will NEVER be the same!



Strongholds of Separation
Romans 8:35 promises that NOTHING shall be able to separate from the love of God in Christ Jesus.  So why do so many believers struggle with a distant relationship with the Lord…not experiencing His continual loving presence, power, and promises?  In this message we will demolish five strongholds of separation that will keep you from the intimacy God desires to have with you, and the abundant promises He has for you!


Your 90-Day Financial Breakthrough
Launch your congregation into a life-changing journey to transform their finances with the Word of God.  Based on the powerful book, “Your 90-Day Financial Breakthrough – 90 Power Promises and the Weapons of Our Warfare to WIN in Your Finances Now,” this message is a call to WAR, and will challenge you to radically renew your money mindset, conquer debt, restore your health, and create wealth.  Don’t tolerate the trespass of the enemy through financial lack, shortage, debt, and debt slavery!  Get equipped to provide for your family, prepare for the future, pass on wealth to future generations, and provide generously for the needs of others.  Learn how to participate in God’s cycle of blessing, defeat the Trifold Attack, and move into the abundance and overflow the Lord has destined for you.  This message is the perfect kick-off to the 90-Day Financial Breakthrough Bootcamp weekend that will elevate your congregation in two powerful days of breakthrough.






The Urgency of Entrepreneurship
This message reveals God’s masterful plan for economic recovery, wealth creation, and financial freedom through business ownership.  We will expose the stunning strategies of God for biblical, economic health that are clearly outlined in the Scriptures.  Every financial strategy you will ever need to succeed is in the Word of God!  God wants you free of bondage, lack, debt, oppression, and poverty, and He wants you thoroughly equipped for every good work!  Provide for your family, prepare for the future, pass on wealth to future generations, and provide generously for the needs of others.  You are blessed to be a blessing.  This is the strategy that will set you free.


Masterfully Made for a Mission
Fulfilling your mission assignment is the key to your extraordinary life.  Learn how to answer the two questions every believer must face to unlock and embrace God’s specific calling on your life.  In this message we will study the heroes of faith to understand God’s faithful pattern of calling and equipping even reluctant leaders to stand strong in the will of God!  Learn the master
keys to unlocking your personal mission, overcoming the “Who, Me?” Syndrome, and stepping out to powerfully fulfill His plan for your life.  You are masterfully made for a mission!



You are God’s Masterpiece
Learn to uncover and defeat the two most damaging mental barriers that almost all believers face that keep them on the outskirts of their divine destiny!   Understand the strategies the enemy uses to implant limiting beliefs in your thinking, and banish them forever.  Use the powerful tools God has given you through His word to truly renew your mind!  Change your mindset and change your life. 


The Blessing of Breakthrough
God has promised us an overcoming life, and has proclaimed you are more than a conqueror.  Yet the enemy forms weapons to keep you bound, oppressed and living far below the level at which God has called you to live.  In bondage, we pray for deliverance, but the Blessing of Breakthrough has already been given to us at the Cross!  Learn to release it in your life now! 



 "Put Your Past On Blast" (Excerpt from Strongholds of Separation)






For booking information, Contact Us today with your event date.

We will provide a Sample Message and Media Kit and upon request.

“The Power  Coach™ Madeline Alexander will challenge you to move beyond mundane thinking to revolutionary thinking that exceeds your expectations.  Coach Alexander is extremely articulate, understandable, and approachable, and is one of the most insightful speakers and teachers in the world today. You will be changed in a positive way for the rest of your life.”
Bishop Leroy J. Woodard, Jr.
Senior Pastor, CRM City Fellowship Church
Founder and President, Koininia Theological College
Houston, The Woodlands, and Sugar Land, TX