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MADELINE ALEXANDER                                                                            
The Ideal Speaker for Your Next Conference or Event!
 Let The Power CoachTM  *M POWER* Your Church or Leadership Team!

The Power Coach™ Madeline Alexander is the ideal speaker for your next event!  Madeline delivers dynamic keynotes and transformational seminars for churches, corporations, colleges, universities, youth organizations, and faith-based organizations nationwide.



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   Church or Faith-based Organization

   Youth and Young Adult Organization (Including K-12)

   Corporation or Association



Madeline has a unique and unparalleled ability to break through racial, cultural, and socioeconomic barriers, speaking to ALL cultures, genres, genders, venues, and audience groups with unquestionable ease.  


Her multi-cultural appeal, strong spiritual focus, comedic humor, and proven track record in corporate America make her a resounding crowd favorite with all audiences and diverse age groups.  Her no-nonsense, truth-telling style, contagious passion, and powerful energy cut to the core of real issues in the shortest period of time.