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MADELINE ALEXANDER                                                                            
Youth and Young Adult Programs  
The Power Coach Madeline Alexander is extremely passionate when it comes to inspiring youth and young adults! She keynoted the Microsoft Corporation DigiGirlz High Technology Camp for an unprecedented 12 years in a row!!! 


Madeline helped launch the ground-breaking and award-winning IGNITE Program (Inspiring Girls Now In Technology Evolution) in the Seattle, WA Public School District, working in partnership with Program Founder and Director, Dr. Cathi Rodgveller, advancing best-in-class STEM exposure opportunities for high school students.


Madeline has spoken to thousands, and personally mentored hundreds of youth in the Seattle Public School System, provided job shadow opportunities, and entrepreneurship exposures to high school and middle school students. 


Madeline takes a personal interest in her students, and has maintained relationships with some mentees for over a decade.  She has personally signed and hand-delivered over 1,000 copies of "How to Break Through Barriers and Achieve Power Results - Create Your Power Mindset for Success in 30 Days or Less" to high school students nationwide. 





Madeline is able to connect on a real and personal level, and discuss challenging topics that others would shy away from addressing. Young people gravitate to her for her transparency, honesty, humor, encouragement, and willingness to go the distance with them on their journey to adulthood. 




Partial Client List






"I recommend Madeline with great pleasure. I am the Director and Founder of a non-profit in Seattle Washington, called IGNITE - INSPIRING GIRLS NOW IN TECHNOLOGY EVOLUTION. Madeline has volunteered for many years, and she has been a motivational speaker for thousands of girls in many high schools. I run the program in the Seattle Public School District and in other school districts in Washington State. Madeline is extremely dedicated. She provided on-going inspiration to so many young women over a period of years and was one of the best volunteers in our 11 year history. When young women got to hear Madeline speak, the light bulb would go on in a big way for them. She was inspirational and helped young women dream big. She encouraged them to live their potential, and not only that, but she really helped them see it. She has a gift to inspire others and motivate them to be better. It's quite an honor to have gotten to know Madeline over the years and work with her. Anyone who gets to have Madeline work for them, inspiring any audience, is in for a special moment in their lives. I could not recommend Madeline any more highly, she is the top rated speaker I have ever had in my 29 years as an educator, and in the 11 years since I created IGNITE."


Service Category: Motivational Speaker
Year first hired:    2003 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities:      Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Cathi Rodgveller M.S. Ed.
IGNITE Founder & Director





Youth and Young Adult Programs 


The following are four of the top-rated programs that have been delivered multiple times to a variety of student audiences.  Custom programs will also be created.  Faith-based programs are also available for church youth and young adult ministries.  Contact us for more information on custom program options.



Star Power!

Young adults will LOVE this fun, high-energy, interactive motivational keynote that will show them how to release their inner rock star!  Students will learn how to identify their unique gift and talents, write a vision for their lives, set goals, and develop seven key success habits that will catapult them to their personal best, accomplishing their highest dreams and aspirations.  Students will learn to not only appreciate but celebrate their own uniqueness, conquer peer pressure, and break out of group thinking. Students are deeply stirred to dream bigger and go after their goals. Educators are always shocked and amazed at the gifting that is unleashed in this 60-90 minute program!  Strongly recommended for top achievers as well as at-risk students, who deeply need to understand their purpose, overcome obstacles, and get in touch with their inner greatness.  






Top Ten!

This interactive, inspirational, mini-bootcamp style program teaches The Power Coach's Top Ten Tough Tips for Success that will help juniors and seniors get ready to transition to responsible adulthood, and prepare for success in college. This challenging program confronts real issues that can derail a young student's success, and shows them how to avoid self-sabotaging choices and habits.  Ends with a student-led "Pledge of Success" that allows students to commit to new ways of thinking and specific actions that will create long term success in their lives.  Parents attending the programs have consistently raved about the program's depth of content, and lasting impact on attending students. This highly rated program was requested as a Commencement address for Microsoft's DigiGirlz High Tech Camp for 10 consecutive years. 






Born to Lead!

This fun and interactive program is ideal to prepare students for leadership roles in school, in extracurricular activities, on their jobs, in entrepreneurship, and in volunteer roles in society. Born to lead helps students understand the fundamental principles of leadership and begin applying them immediately in their lives.  This is an ideal program for student leaders and for students preparing for transition to college.  



Be YOU in a BIG Way!

This program is targeted toward young women to help them address self-esteem and self-worth issues that can lead to self-sabotaging behaviors such as eating disorders, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, etc.  Gets to the root causes of the negative behaviors and helps the student self-correct, and unconditionally love and accept themselves.       



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